Wedding Trends 2023

Wedding Trends 2023

Wedding Trends 2023

Wedding Trends 2023 Big Party

Mood of the events of 2023? Let’s start a big party!

Dear newlyweds, after 3 years of pandemic, we can finally say that big weddings are back. Let’s forget about when you had to give up dancing or having fun at the reception. Weddings 2023 come back complete with everything from the ceremony to the final party!
Let’s forget the minimalist weddings of a few years ago because the 2023 trend will see the mixed decorations among them. We have already become accustomed to the refined candlesticks that hang from the branches of trees in an outdoor wedding, right? So we will get used to colorful and ultramodern neon on the occasion of rustic wedding.

Green light therefore to the creativity and who more has of it, more of it you put!
The wonderful trend, that I experienced as a child (thanks to the country of origin of my mother in Sardinia) and that I rediscovered when I lived in Cheltenham (UK) , is that the celebration will not be just the day of yes. So get ready to celebrate for at least 3 days: the day before, the day of yes and the day after…Hip Hip Hooray!!!
The 2023 trend, then, will be true and proper festival, made of fireworks, neon, DJs and consoles as in a real club that respects, and the much appreciated Open Bar.

If you want to know about other 2023 trends, keep following me in the coming days!

We’ll talk about decorations, flowers and much more.

Meanwhile, be kind to one another.

Lots of love!

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