Wedding Flower Trends 2023

Wedding Flower Trends 2023

Wedding Flower Trends 2023

One of the trends in terms of flowers in Wedding 2023 is having a small bouquet and delicate flowers, able to embellish the style of the bride without overpowering it.

Which flowers to choose from? There are buttercups, privet berries, orchids, purple, tulips, wax flowers and mosses.

As for the setting, the protagonists will be lavender flowers, dried or stabilised flowers and roses opened manually.

For something even greener, you can use plants and trees by inserting them in the ceremony and reception contest in order to make even decor. Personally, I think that aromatic plants and Citrus, always give color to the wedding.

If you want to dare them more, play with a well-made mix between ancient and modern, using “head planter” as a vase for your flowers the, like the heads of Sicilian Moro.

As for the colors well, I would say that there are two possibilities:

1 Use neutral and warm shades, inspired by earth tones, such as terracotta, gray-green, rust and sand;

2 Use bright and bold colors, such as magenta which is considered the new color of wedding 2023, suitable to be combined with warm tones such as orange, pink or Ultimate Grey or more decisive tones such as blue and green.

And for classic lovers? No worries, because the “timeless white” will continue to be appreciated. Symbol of purity and purity, it easily adapts to any style.

If you want to know about other 2023 trends, keep following me in the coming days!

Meanwhile, be kind to one another.

Lots of love!

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