Humanist Celebrant

Humanist Celebrant

After dedicated study and meticulous preparation over the past year, I became a Humanist Celebrant.

What exactly does this mean for you?

It means a wedding ceremony that is uniquely tailored to reflect your love story, your values, and your vision for your special day.

As Humanist Celebrant, I work closely with the couple to create ceremonies that are deeply personal, meaningful, and inclusive, honouring the individuality and the bond you share with your partner. Read more and be inspired by the rituals to find the perfect one for you. (BLOG)


What’s a symbolic ceremony? It’s a personalised, authentic and inclusive ceremony that talks about you, your couple, your love.

Is it possible a symbolic and civil ceremony together? Yes, of course. The easiest way is to start with the symbolic ceremony and finishing with the civil one, or vice versa. However, for a legal wedding, the location must have the status of municipal office.

How long before should I contact you? To create the perfect ceremony, it takes 3 months, but I can also manage the urgencies of those who call me 2 weeks before.

Can you be both, the Celebrant and Wedding Planner o Coordinator? I never agree to do the two services at the same wedding because it wouldn’t be professional.

Price starting from € 600

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