Bride and Groom 2021

Dressing up!
Dress by Mariagrazia Chiuri (Dior) for Chiara Ferragni

I would like to imagine my bride 2021 tremendously feminine and always different during the wedding day.

I would like to imagine her with 2 dress in 1 (e.g. with a removable loop!) and different accessories.

Why? For many reasons:

. She will amaze both her husband and her guests;

. She will get movement in photos;

. She will always be wonderful but more comfortable.

(Dresses by Carlo Pignatelli)

And what about the groom?

As well as for the bride, I would d like to see him with a different outfit over the “Yes I do” day.

I can imagine a refined jacket inspired by uniform, suitable for a refined ceremony, alongside a refined bride!

However, when the sun goes down, I would like to see him wearing a fantastic smoking, because I think that it is tremendously sexy, I really do!

By the way, this is just my idea, my feeling for the coming year.

Certainly, the choice of the wedding dress is, without a doubt, one of the most important and exciting moments along the way that will lead you to the wedding day.

At the same time though, making a decision could be very challenging!

Just, keep in mind the follow tips :

1. Establish the budget.

2. Define the style you want to have.

3. Be open-minded.

4. Take your time.

Remember, "The dress chooses you, and never the other way around"!

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