About me

Along came Vania Weddings…About me


Surely, you want your Event to be marvellous and unforgettable!

Certainly, you are looking for the best solution that allow you to take advantage of every moment of the organisation process up to the “Yes, I do” day.

Undoubtedly, you need a Wedding Planner who is professional, precise, creative, good listener, passionate about her work and able to turn your long-dreamed event into reality.


About me


So you found me! Let me introduce myself


My name is Vania and I grew up in one of the most fascinating and unique regions of Italy: Tuscany

Even though I have been surrounded by beautiful hills, sea and mountains, I have always dreamt of travelling around the world, learning from other cultures and allowing my mind to be open to new impulses. And so I did it, and I keep doing it, always looking for different places.  

I ran a Marketing Company for 15 years, dedicating myself to organise events and commercial promotion nationwide, coordinating hundreds of hostesses with the aim of fully satisfying customers’ requests. I took care of every detail, keeping the budget tightly under control. Those kinds of ability that also a professional Wedding Planner must have. 

Together, these skills have enabled me to improve what has been a hobby of mine since 2002, helping friends and acquaintances to organise their wedding or event, not imagining that eventually, it would have become my full-time job.

At some point of my life, I was looking for a new experience, a new motivation. So I moved to the UK, for a few years, along with my husband and daughter, and there I realised that my greatest desire was to become a Destination Wedding Planner. So, I set up Vania Weddings with the support of an extraordinary Wedding Planner and Mentor, Emma H., the co-founder of one of the most successful wedding planner agencies in West England 

So this is me! Creating weddings and events is what I do, what I love doing, and I can’t see myself doing anything else.

And I can assure you that working with couples from all over the world, and really getting to know them, is an incredible privilege, and I am so grateful for it. I have a profound passion to connect with the couple to truly get to know them and create an event which is 100% all them.


A Little More About Me


  • . I love my name, because it’s still rare – even though it’s a male-Russian name😂
  • . Music is an essential part of my life – I can’t work or do anything without music in the background
  • . I’m a dog person – I think dogs love people unconditionally
  • . I’m keen on good quality food and wine – couldn’t be otherwise since I’m from Tuscany
  • . I’m a bit obsessed with shoes and bags – I’m a woman, what did you expect?
  • . I love coffee – can’t start a new day without a hot cup of Italian coffee
  • . New York is the way to my heart – but I don’t deny Maldives😉
  • . “The Family Man” is my favourite movie – maybe because Christmas is my highlight of the year
  • . “Grey’s Anatomy” is my favorite TV show. I cry every time I watch it, even though I’ve seen each episode 4 times
  • . As you can see, I use too many emojis – my favourite is the heart-eyes emoji
  • . I normally build friendships with each of my couples
  • . I get sad at the end of each wedding because it’s all over – but grateful for the happiness of the couple
  • . I’m just a mother of an amazing girl, in love with my husband since ever and with an enormous passion for what I do.






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