Looking beyond CoronaVirus

Beating Coronavirus

The world is now coping with a huge emergency, Italy in front line. It might seem hard in these days to think normally, however normality is the best way to come out from the situation.

Coronavirus and its implications to people will do nothing but increase, once everything is finished, the Italians' desire to welcome anyone who wants to visit this wonderful places. Indeed, our beauty, our culture and our traditions will still be there, far from being touched by a desease…!

Keep going dreaming the "I do day" in my unique, fantastic and powerful country.

Shortly, this emergency will be only a far remember, and you will be proud of yourself for not being influenced by the contingent situation. Furthermore, you will be even more proud to help this amazing country back on its feet, like a wonderful woman who has stumbled, but who will remain wonderful when she gets up again.

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