The budget is crucial

The budget is crucial

The budget is crucial

Your budget is the first point to be defined

The budget is crucial. Wedding Budget - Usually, it's the first question that a wedding planner asks the couple and usually the answer is: "we want to spend little". But that "little" still needs to be quantified, trying to be objective and honest with yourself.

Generally, the various items that make up the budget of a wedding are: travel and accommodation costs, venue and catering rental, stationary, wedding clothes, wedding hairstyle and make up, decorations, car rental, photographer, musicians, wedding cake (and following an authentic italian style you should have "Confettata & Bomboniere" i.e "Sweets table and Wedding favours for guests) , open bar and honeymoon. Obviously the total budget depends on the style you want to give to the big event and you will have to decide each item of expenditure based on the importance you give to each service. However, each item of expenditure must be balanced with the others (spending a large part of the budget only for some elements, it could give you a disappointing result).

My tips for you is to start from a simple idea because it's always frustrating to jump the gun and then having to give up something.

However, sometimes all this can be difficult, that's why it's important to hire a good wedding planner who will help you to keep costs down, choosing the most suitable suppliers for your needs and avoiding last minute expenses.

So no surprises! The only surprise you are going to have, will be to see the final effect of your unique and amazing wedding.

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