How to choose the bride’s dress

Wedding dress

Let me be clear, “The bride’s dress is the central attraction at any wedding”. Period!

The choice is a big one for any bride and your taste and style will determine the choice.

It is out of doubt that you have to take into account multiple factors, such as the place the celebration will take place and the type of ceremony! The time of year and if it’s a morning or afternoon wedding is equally important..

However, the most important consideration is that the dress help you to look your absolute best. It MUST suit your figure, your height and your personality.

To do that, keep in mind the follow body shapes:


The hourglass shape has shoulder width in the same proportion to hips and a defined waist. Brides with this shape can wear most styles. Make the most this shape by emphasising the waist and suggest figure hugging clothes. Lingerie is important for this body shape to create smooth curves. The styles of the 40s 50s and 60s are ideal for this body shape. Avoid dresses that make your hips look wider.


In this body shape, the torso is small and waist not so defined. The bust and buttocks also tend to be small. The most important thing to remember when dressing this shape is to create curves with the dress and accessories.


This body shape has narrow shoulders and hips that are wider. The goal is to hide the hip area and draw attention instead to the face.


The oval body shape is characterised by being rounded in the central area, particularly the stomach region. The goal when dressing this shape is to hide the tummy and create a more slender, streamlined outline using the correct clothes and accessories.


In this shape, the shoulders are wider than the hips and sometimes the bust is also large. Therefore, the aim is to try to minimise the upper torso and create more curves and volume around the hips in order to bring more proportion.

In conclusion, knowing your body type will help you to choose the dress that will emphasize your beauty the most!

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