How to propose despite Covid 19!


How to propose despite Covid 19!

I know that all of us are focused in dealing with this Virus, but we can't think about it all day long and, most importantly, we can't afford to stop dreaming.

That's why I like starting over, and I'm going to do it, talking about "The Marriage proposal".

How to ask her to become your wife!

Well, well! So, you have decided to take that next step, which is fantastic!

However, let me give you piece of advice!

Even if you are ready, it’s necessary to touch base with her, in order to avoid a disaster! So, chat with her parents, mutual friends or colleagues to be sure you are on the same page. I know, this might seem obvious, but it is not!

However, once understood that you have chance to get a “yes”, there are lots of things to think about.

  1. Buy the ring.

Keeping in mind that, a woman looks at her engagement ring about 1.000.000 times in her life! So you must make the right decision. Why don't ask her best friend's help? She is supposed to know her taste about that. Or, you could have a look to her Pinterest account (probably there is a specific board on that).

In the UK, the average cost is £1,500. However, surveys reveal that only 25% of Brits, would expect their partner to spend that much!

  2. Plan the proposal.

Think what type of proposal your partner will love! Can be intimate, public, extremely original or just romantic.

Let me give you some example:

. Go for a mutual favourite place, such as restaurant, park, museum ...

. Plan a romantic destination weekend or a holiday.

. Ask your friends to set up a Flash mob dance in a specific area of your city.

. Hire a photographer to capture your proposal, telling her that you've won a photo shoot.

Basically, you have a thousand options to chose from. All depends on your budget and sometimes, it's worth it to hire a specific company, able to take care of everything, from logistic to suppliers...

  3. Speech.

Write down your speech (I don't mean "totally" written out!) but getting your thoughts on paper, will give you some direction when it’s time to pop the question.

  4. Keep the secret and the ring safe.

Men in particular, are notorious for failing to keep secrets and for losing stuff.

In this case, the result would be devastating, though. So, clear all evidence and keep the ring in a safe place, until the fateful day.

  5. Find the right moment.

The last tip is:


Photo by Samantha Pennini

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