New Projects

Curious to know what I’m working on!
Here you go!

When I meet a couple, and we get to know each other, talking about their dreams, wishes, concerns and expectations, I try to connect with them

deeply. This allows me to give them, in a few days, a first idea of how I’ve interpreted their ideas. I make a rendering (completely free of charge!) like these:


In fact, an idea is the hardest thing to convey, especially when you are emotionally involved.

This is why I prefer to create an approximate project of the event (a first draft!) but trying to get as close as possible to what the future spouses have in mind.

I want them to be convinced when they say: “Okay, you know what we want. You’re the right wedding planner for us”.

Therefore, a presentation is crucial! And since I am not able to draw, in order to avoid presenting a first draft made only of lines, rounds and stick men, I realize a render.

Then, for details, of course I will also present the classic mood-board, but this will be at a later stage.