Looking beyond Coronavirus

Beating Coronavirus

The world is now coping with an emergency and, at the moment, it may seem hard to think normally, but normality is the best way to deal with this situation.

Coronavirus and its implications for people are currently difficult to predict. However, there is no doubt that, once life gets back to "normal", the Italians will welcome anyone, with open arms.

Indeed, our beauty, culture and traditions, will still be there, far from being ruined by a disease…!

Keep dreaming about the "I do" day in my unique, fantastic and wonderful country, Italy.

Soon, this emergency will be only a distant memory, and you will be proud of yourself for not being deterred by this current situation. What is more, you will be even prouder to help this amazing country back on its feet, like a wonderful woman who has stumbled, but who will remain wonderful when she rises again.

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