About me

Along comes Vania Weddings

One of the first things I learnt when I arrived in the UK is that dreams really can come true! I grew up in Tuscany, one of the most fascinating and unique regions of Italy, between the sea, hills and mountains.... a region so diverse that is truly envied by many and dreamt of by even more!

With my own company, during last 15 years, I have dedicated myself organizing nationwide events and commercial promotions. Imagine having to coordinate, daily, hundreds and hundreds of promoters with the aim to fully sutisfaying my customers requests, taking care of every detail and keeping the budget under control. Those are the skills that I have developed and that of course I continue to apply in wedding planning. And, in addition of that, having to control all my human resourses during their job, I have had the opportunity to explore every corner of Tuscany and deeply appreciate its beauties.

When I moved to Gloucestershire with my husband and daughter, I felt in love with England, its lush greenness and how happy the people are here. It reminded me of home. That was my inspiration and when I was asked why I was setting up Vania Weddings, I simply replied: "I love to see happy people, every day. And I want to share with them my beautiful country, celebrating their most special day in their life, in my Tuscany".

This is what I am going to share with you!

I am going to help you to fulfil your dream in one of the most amazing regions of Italy, supporting you at every stage of your wonderful journey to your big day.