Let's design your idea

Rendering (also known as 3D) to turn your idea into reality...Don't you know what a rendering is? Let me get this straight. As you can well imagine, an idea is the hardest thing to convey, especially when you are emotionally involved. That’s why I prefer to draw a rough project of the event (a first draft!) or to create a mood board, to help you visualise the scenario. I want you to be convinced when you say, "Okay, you understood our vision." Therefore, a presentation is crucial! And since I am not able to draw, to avoid presenting a first draft made only of lines, round and stick men, I prefer to rely on technology.

3D for a Classic Wedding Ceremony outdoor.

There's something so effortlessly romantic about an outdoor wedding ceremony.

Whether you choose a garden, a beach or a courtyard, the natural elements will serve as scenery.

We only enhanced the entrance of the aisle as well as the arch to give the right balance.

As guest chairs, we opted for the Tambre, comfortable and elegant.

With the right software, you can give a very concrete idea.

Of course, you always have to use a bit of imagination, but the result is enough satisfying.

This Rendering was created for a styled shoot to be realised in Val d'Orcia. We used wicker chandeliers of different sizes and styles, also creating a relaxation area with velvet sitting area and Persian carpet. Very Fashionable This Year (2023).

This is a rendering made for a couple who has the desire to get married on the Lake.

Again, the surrounding nature would be enough as a decoration of the ceremony.

However, we wanted to add a note of color, using the two-tone Louis XVI medallion chairs.

As for the other 3D, we only enhanced the entrance of the aisle and the arch.

This one is for a couple who wants to get married in Central City, having ceremony and reception at the same place.

They opted for a decoration very popular this year (2023)...citrum trees on the tables as well as at the entry of the aisle.

Very simple, but at the same time extremely impactful.

This is a rendering for a couple who wished to get married in the desert. Instead, for a budget matter, they changed their mind, opting for a beach wedding.

In the attempt to get as close as possible to the idea of Desert, a location with a large beach was chosen, and we used a marquee decorated with chandeliers and draperies.